In Memoriam Joeri Gorter



Joeri had decided to take a few months off; he wanted to travel from coast to coast through the USA. That was quite a challenge, because he made the trip on his rowing bicycle. He was just three weeks on the road when, cycling to the Grand Canyon, he had a fatal traffic accident. On Thursday afternoon, October 9, the driver of a van was inattentive. Coming from behind, he did not notice the cyclist and hit him. Joeri was instantly killed by his injuries. He just reached the age of 38.

The abundance of sympathetic responses from Joeri's friends on his passing away was heart-warming to us. Their stories and memories depict him very strikingly, like only real friends can.

The aim of this website is to keep the memories of Joeri alive and share them. The site contains pictures, anecdotes and reminiscences, soundtracks and videos. We hope that the contributions will help you all to think not only with sadness of Joeri's untimely death, but also with joy about what he has meant for us.

If you have pictures or other material about Joeri, or would like to put your memories in writing, you're warmly invited to contribute to the website.

Klaas en Marijke (parents), Marc (brother) and Tinka (girlfriend)